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IDR Marketing Partners increases goodwill with your customers which will translate into an increase in their lifetime value to you, via repeat purchases and positive social media buzz.

The Benefits of using IDR Marketing Partners are clear:
  • Strengthen customer loyalty & increase the lifetime value of each customer
  • Create a positive consumer association with each purchase increasing the likelihood to purchase again/more often.
  • Increase positive Social Media buzz
  • Add a personal touch to consumers' online shopping experience by providing a value-add "thank you" gift
  • By replacing "free shipping" with "free gift with purchase," Retailers retain the added shipping revenue

"I promptly secured two checkered shirts to add to my collection, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover an Art of Shaving sample in my package too. How cool is that? So you might want to check out the brooks brothers sale, you just might find a fantastic deal and receive a shaving kit for your troubles!"

Obtained from a blog

97.8% of Online & Catalog Buyers think a free product sample in their package provides great value.

Source: VRI Research/Sampling Effectiveness Advisors, Inc

"Much appreciated, great idea to package the Men's Speed Stick Stainguard sample with the shirts I purchased from"

"Receiving this generous-sized sample with my order was a very pleasant surprise! It was thoughtful and a nice gesture that makes me want to order more items from! Thanks again!!"

"It was a nice surprise to receive the Dove deodorant sample in my Venus Swimwear order... perfect timing as I was wearing the just ordered dress (sleeveless), for a party that evening."

"It was such a nice, pleasant, wonderful surprise to get a Schick Hydro 5 with my order. I really enjoyed it and appreciate the gesture, especially in this day and age of cost cutting. Thank You!