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Consistently reward your customers with an appealing "gift with purchase" without you having to buy the gift.

"I just wanted to let you know how successful your program has been for us. Our customers love getting the samples. I can't emphasize enough how much this partnership has benefitted our company. We would recommend this type of product sampling program to any company looking to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty in a very cost effective way."

Vice President of Operations, QCI Direct

"Our Lifetime Value, particularly from our repeat buyer base, grew when we regularly included valuable product samples in our packages that were relevant to our own assortment of merchandise."

Director, Business Development -

"To be able to give our customers a true value add like we did with The Art of Shaving Starter Kit was a natural extension of our own high standards at Brooks Brothers. Our customers enjoyed the thoughtfulness of the sample, and that translates into higher lifetime value from them."

Sr. Marketing Business Manager, Brooks Brothers

"If people get an unexpected free gift at the end of their ordering experience, they will remember it and it will color their perception of the entire experience in a way that nothing else can. Let's keep taking the 'opening the box' experience to whole new levels! It's part of the WOW customer experience we're creating."


"We really enjoyed doing the promotion and think it was a huge success!! Because of this we would love to partner again with you in the future."

CRM Analyst, Yoox Group

Who We Are

For nearly 30 years, IDR Marketing Partners has successfully provided its partners over 620 million products samples and brand messages.

What We Do

IDR Marketing Partners connects you with top tier brands to offer a complimentary product or sample that is included with the order shipped to consumers, creating a surprise and delight moment.


IDR Marketing Partners increases goodwill with your customers which will translate into an increase in their lifetime value to you, via repeat purchases and positive social media buzz.